Bandung Tour Bus – Enjoying Bandung from the City’s Bus Tour

Bandung tour bus now becomes a favorite travel option for tourists who visit the city. Being provided by the city government, the bus is a breakthrough to attract more tourists to come to the city. It is hoped that the tour will allow the tourists to enjoy Bandung through a different and unique way.

bandung tour on bus bandros

It Is Called Bandros Bus!

The Bandung tour bus that now becomes the phenomena in the city is called Bandros bus. The name of the bus is taken from the name of Sundanese’s traditional snack. Sundanese is the major tribe that inhabits the city and its neighboring regions. Bandros bus comes with a double-decker tour bus type. It was officially launched by the mayor of Bandung back in 2014. The bus also comes with interesting and colorful designs. It will remind you of the ones you can see in Dora the Explorer! The unique design of this Bandung tour bus has attracted a lot of tourists, especially kids. Meanwhile, the vintage style of the double-decker bus comes with a similar model as tour buses in London, with an open-top for passengers. The bus will take you to the main tourist destinations and hotels in the city. The Bandros bus can hold up to 30 passengers each time and you only need to pay 25,000 IDR per person to enjoy the tour.

What’s the Alternative?

Taking the tour bus is not the only way you can take to enjoy Bandung. There will be a becak, bandung itinerary traditional public transportation that will take you to various tourist destinations. Additionally, taking a becak is also very cheap. What else? Well, you can also take an andong to bring you to go around the city center. It is a traditional carriage pulled by horses. Unlike becak that can only carry two passengers, andong can carry more people. Furthermore, the cost is also very affordable.

bandung tour on bus route

Where to Stay and Eat?

There will be a lot of hotel options you can choose to stay while visiting Bandung. Either it is located in the center of the city or a bit further, you can always find the perfect one for your needs. After hours enjoying the city by taking the Bandung tour bus, now this is the time to eat something. When visiting Bandung, don’t forget to taste the local food. Some of the most popular restaurants in Bandung with authentic Sundanese cuisine include Dapur Dahapati which offer views of Lawangwangi Creative Space.