Thanks very much to visiting PZDIG.COM. I suddenly one day realized that my life’s calling is to become a wilderness guide. Since then I have found myself tumbling through a variety of outdoor related activities, classes, certifications, and trips. Here I will lay out what I have come to understand as some fundamentals of getting your foot in the outdoor education and leadership door.

Nothing can replace experience, especially on an outdoor guide’s resume. If you’re applying to a backpacking leader position, you had better have a decent list of personal trips to prove that you have the fundamental skills necessary to be a backpacking guide. The same applies to any other type of outdoor leadership role from canoeing to rock climbing. Get out there and practice your outdoor skills!

I hope you all find this useful, leave comments with questions or input in form below.

If you’re a professional in the field tell us what helped you and what you’d suggest for the newest outdoor educators and leaders. Good luck all!